Lost in Wonderland

Relapsing. And I just want to die.

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"I’m not good for you.
I’ve always been the reason past relationships have failed.
So why do you love me so much?
I’m not beautiful
I’m not a genius
I’m not funny
I’m not anything when compared to you."

- Why do you love me? (via modifyy)



1. he’s not going to show up at your door step with flowers saying he misses you
2. he’s not going to text you at 3 am like he used to saying that he can’t sleep because the absence of your lips is keeping him up
3. he’s not going to wake up early anymore to tell you to have a good day
4. he’s…


I want to kill the monster.

But I want to live.


- irishjulienne, depression thoughts (via talkingoutsoft)

(via talkingoutsoft)

"I suppose everything
has occurred
because the first time
I met you
the stars seemed
a bit brighter
and I didn’t feel
so empty anymore"

- KD // the first truth I told myself (via the-extraordinary-mind)

"it’s 2am and i took seventeen shots of vodka just trying to forget your name but the only name i forgot was mine and sober or drunk youre the only thing on my mind"

- heres to the rest of the bottle (via bitchin-brandi)


I saw you for the first time in five months today,
I didn’t know if I should cry
Or run.
I didn’t know that I could feel so many emotions at once,
When I’m so used to feeling numb.

And when you came up to me
Mumbling your hello,
I didn’t realize how much I missed your voice.
And when you embraced me in your arms
I didn’t realize how much I missed you.


- It’s Been Five Months Since I’ve Shared a Bed (via mortal-poems)


I always feel like everyone hates me or is mad at me.

"When you fall asleep, you breathe
like you’re gasping; like things
have never been easy for you and
your lungs are used to trying too
hard. Maybe that’s why you’re
ready to quit before you hit twenty.
It’s 2am and I’m inconsolable
because you said you want to die.
I don’t always tell you the truth
because sometimes kindness is
more important, but I’m not lying
about this: You are amazing. Your
shoulders are a world wonder and
your heart is more tender than the
hidden belly of wild animals.
Maybe that’s why you crush so
easily. I’m proud of my hand prints
on your skin in the places I’ve
helped build you up, but the truth
is you only really need me because
you wouldn’t believe you were
strong if the words didn’t come
from someone else’s mouth. I
can’t live in a world that was too
hard for you to make it in. You;
the boy who laughs at clouds.
You; the boy who taught me
freedom. When you fall deeper
asleep, you curl into my chest and
I hold the back of your head. You
haven’t made sense of not being
a child anymore. The world feels
big enough to run from, but don’t.
You are just the right size to take it
on. You are just enough you to
fill your place in the universe."

- anne, don’t die (via anneisrestless)